A B O U T   Y O U   A N D   U S

The five corners of the pentagon define our approach to Corporate Finance


Your Intermediary

It’s your call, whether bidder, buyer or vendor. We’ll work to ensure yours one with winners only. Are you the fast grower, innovator, family crest, debt provider, venture capitalist, in private equity or from a small or midcap company? Wherever you’re coming from, we shall go further together.

You’re Middle Market

We know the market: multi-sector, trans-silo or verticals, in tech and digital, mobility, fashion, healthcare, fast-moving consumer goods/retail, media, professional services, and are open to more. 

Your Profit

To improve = to profit. In Old French from around 1206, ‘prou’ means ‘profit’ or ‘abundance’, from the Latin prodest (‘of advantage’). Around 1610, it led to the Anglo-Norman French ‘emprouwer’, which morphed into today’s ‘improve’ and, yes, it looks like ‘empower’ – with IMPROVED Corporate Finance, you get both. 

Our ‘Recitals’ 

If you’re not yet fluent in the jargon of M&A, you’ll surely know more soon. ‘Recitals’, by the way, are typical opening summaries of all parties to a deal. With thousands of terms like redact, reliance, rescue, reverse or revolving, it’s a complex language. All our team, though, are born native speakers. Let’s talk!

Your Opportunity

That classic matrix of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is one useful prism to view your emerging deal. We know many others, our bank of experience, as wide as it is deep. By reviewing options from all possible angles, your insights will grow, your opportunities expand.


Your Verification

Beyond working to verify your positions, our IMPROVED Corporate Finance services will enable your transactions as bidder, buyer or vendor, in a merger or joint venture, family successions, a leveraged buy-out or a management buy-out (or buy-in), and/or in arranging equity or debt financing. Finance models embrace early stage, growth, acquisition, re-cap and recovery.


Our Empathy

You’ll find, with us, that the all-important ‘extra mile’ is standard. You need more familiarity with a process, to stop the clock, enquire about options? Chill. What’s it to be? A high-end brainstorm? A stroll through canals and parks? Harvest new ideas from the museums next door? A day cycling the dikes, into the wind? Whatever works for you, we’ll take you there.


Your Deal

Your deal, unique, will be the next in the 150-plus deals which our team members have enabled in 40 years of accumulated experience. Much more than just an M&A boutique, we differentiate by crossing sectors, borders and boxes. Your win is our beacon. Shall we journey together? 

Convinced? Let's meet! We invite you for a cup of coffee.