Debt Financing

In July 2015, the Amsterdam-based TPEX International (TPEX), a provider of high-end unified communication and telepresence services to corporates, acquired a loan from the MKB Impulsfonds to accelerate growth.

The transaction was facilitated by IMPROVEDCF, after an initial search by TPEX. The loan was disbursed through NEOS Business Finance, which originates and monitors loans from MKB Impulsfonds to SMEs with a proven track record, typically between € 250,000 and € 1 million.

The loan increases working capital and equipment for TPEX, operating through 1,500+ public telepresence and HD video centres worldwide. Robert Rosier, CEO TPEX: “Our ambition is to serve at least 20% of the Fortune 500 enterprise customers within the next five years.” 

Judging that TPEX is well-positioned for further growth, Daniël Timmer, Credit Officer of NEOS thanked IMPROVEDCF for their professional transaction management.

Arjan Brienen, Partner of IMPROVEDCF, added: “We are impressed by the speed and the depth of the analysis made by NEOS and the tailor-made solution.” 

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