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Starting September 15th, 2020, Jelle Vastert will join IMPROVED Corporate Finance / Drake Star Partners Amsterdam as Associate Partner.

Jelle Vastert has been working on the transition to sustainable energy and electric mobility for a decade. He spent 5 years at Tesla, set up the European Supercharger team and network to reach full coverage with more than 400 stations, and then oversaw all Tesla's charging programs and networks globally as director of global EV infrastructure. He also was at the centre of the rise and demise of Better Place, led Lyft's Micromobility arm, and worked on direct integration of solar and electric mobility at SoftBank Energy. Furthermore, Jelle plays a significant role in the scaling of the Dutch e-bike brand VanMoof.

Jelle has a clear vision on an accelerated shift to a future of integrated electric mobility and sustainable energy, and a deep track record of operational and technical expertise with companies on the frontier of innovation.

The E-Mobility & Energy Transition domain is a core focus segment for the Drake Star Global Mobility Team, managed by Drake Star Partners Amsterdam, which has led to numerous landmark transactions within the domain. Jelle’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the domain will contribute significantly to relevant engagements within the domain and will enhance the value and success IMPROVED Corporate Finance / Drake Star Partners Amsterdam delivers to its clients.

The team in Amsterdam, consisting of more than 20 full-time professionals. With now 11 Associate Partners, an extensive range in areas of expertise are covered by well-recognized professionals. With Jelle Vastert on board, the team will receive an additional quality and energy boost in providing every client with the required confidence for successful completion of his/her project.

For IMPROVED Corporate Finance / Drake Star Partners Amsterdam, growth financing mandates from EUR 15mn and sell-side mandates up to EUR 500mn are the core activities. With Jelle on board, the firm is excellently positioned to advise on even more complex landmark E-Mobility & Energy Transition deals.

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For more information, you can contact Jelle directly or reach out to Frank Verbeek (Managing Partner) at or