O U R   T E A M   I S   Y O U R   T E A M

Your customised team will be built from members of our team, a blend of seasoned M&A and sector specialists. Around your core team, we will enhance the team with our industry experts (associated partners) to fulfil your special needs, but always in close consultation with you.

About Frank

Classical music and strategic thinking – outside the box, and out on cycle trips – strike a massive chord with our founder Frank. So too his favourite dictum: ‘team work can make the dream work’. 

His 25+ years of expertise in business development, corporate finance and innovation management is forever yielding new opportunities for companies – with the right ambitions. 

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3Sherief portrait format.jpg
About SHerief

Home-grown from a successful internship, Sherief applies his natural agility these days more to project management and start-ups than to his other love of clubs, including football and triathlons.


He focuses mainly on the analysis and evaluation of markets and investment opportunities. 

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About manus

“Ambitious, inquisitive and highly motivated” is what best describes Manus. With his love for multiple sports, including water sports, skiing and soccer, he is always eager to be physically and mentally challenged. 


Nowadays, it’s working in a fast-growing niche boutique that appeals to him even more than the pool, piste and pitch. Here, he can constantly apply his analytical and social skills in (e)valuating companies, start-ups and markets. 

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Dominique Houde.jpg
About dominique

Dominique has over 15 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions at top tier international investment banks. He brings deep vertical experience in advanced mobility and automotive technology, both in the US and in Europe.

Dominique held several leadership roles with major players in the Mobility space, such as a.o. Allego (NL), ChargePoint (US) and Pod Point (UK).

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Frank Verbeek

Managing Partner

Sherief Rahim


Manus Weber


Dominique Houde

Partner Mobility

About bas

Bas is always pushing for the best, making it a relief to work with as a colleague and a client. His eagerness to learn makes him the perfect fit with IMPROVED Corporate Finance. He is aiming for the best, and so are we. During his studies he has spent several periods in China exploring the country and language.


Bas holds a master degree in Financial Management from the Free University Amsterdam.

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About marlon

His ambition to become a professional tennis player caused Marlon to move to America and combine competing at the highest level with obtaining a Magna Cum Laude Bachelor degree in Finance. After spending 5 years in America as a member of the prestigious Beta Gamma Sigma society, he successfully completed his Master degree in Finance & Investment at the Erasmus University.

At IMPROVED Marlon is looking to apply his competitive drive in order to creating deals with winners only.

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About Michael

Exploring is one of the core drivers that makes Michael who he is. Whether that is helping start-ups in emerging countries, driving on a motorcycle through Africa or finding the best solutions for business related challenges. He keeps challenging himself to find new perspectives and use critical thinking to help others.

Michael holds a Master's degree in Strategic Management from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam

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About Thomas
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An inner drive and focus on achieving only the best is an essential element of how Thomas engages within the world.

Whether it is on the pitch playing football or helping clients seizing the optimum deal. This approach in life made Thomas the perfect fit for IMPROVED Corporate Finance.

His ambition and energy emanated in attaining a Master’s degree in Finance from the Free University of Amsterdam.

Bas Hendriks

Senior Associate

Marlon Brand

Senior Associate

Michael Wilhelm

Senior Analyst

Thomas Smal

Senior Analyst

About Nicolas
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“Persistent, responsible and welcoming” best summarize Nicolas. With a background in international commerce and hospitality, he is always ready for cross-border opportunities and thrives when dealing with different (company) cultures. Besides helping entrepreneurs, Nicolas likes skiing, diving, cooking and a good glass of wine.

Nicolas holds a master degree in Financial Management from Nyenrode Business University.

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About LUUK
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"Ambitious, positive and determined "– After completing a successful in-house internship, Luuk is an integral part of the IMPROVED team. Having a winner’s mentality, Luuk goes above and beyond to achieve the very best results for the team and its clients. In his free time, you can find him on the water, court or slopes.

Luuk holds a Master’s degree in Finance from the University of Groningen

1vincent portrait format.jpg
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"Committed, enthusiastic and driven" are adjectives which best describe Vincent. Always going above and beyond for his clients and colleagues, he is a team player to the core, making him the perfect match for IMPROVED. Outside of office hours, you can find Vincent playing padel or football and trying out different cuisines.

Vincent holds a Master’s degree in Business Engineering from the KU Leuven.

kevin portret format.jpg
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“Curious, tenacious and focused” describe Kevin most accurately. He is always eager for new challenges, in- or outside the office. Applying his rugby attitude to deals, he is able to push boundaries, making him a great addition for IMPROVED. In his spare time, you find him lifting weights or playing rugby.


Kevin holds a Master’s degree in Finance & Investments from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

Nicolas Magnus

Senior Analyst

Luuk Hulzebos

Vincent Verellen


Kevin Lechner



A S S O C I A T E   P A R T N E R S


A bit of a sailor, a biker and a boxer with an unrivaled relevant network. His principles are based on reliability: a deal is a deal. As a straight forward, can-do, very experienced private equity professional, he has led teams in dozens of international M&A deals ranging from €1 million to €260 million primarily in TMT and business services.


Robert is also Managing Partner of Solid Capital Partners, investing growth capital in technology-enabled companies.

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Robert Wilhelm

Investments & NL Tech

About arjen

Our gateway to industry in East Asia, Arjen is a business executive with some 20 years work in international high-tech companies in the region. He has held management positions at start-ups and corporates in TMC, enterprise software and intellectual property. 

A Physics Ph.D. from Utrecht University, he is based in Tokyo, where he has been country manager for a European IT security company, and Attaché for Science and Technology at the Royal Netherlands Embassy, 

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About mel

Mel served as the CEO of the European energy grid company TenneT for more than 16 years. During this period, he has increased the value of the asset base from EUR 1bn to more than EUR 22bn, executed +45 successful transactions in the energy segment, and successfully initiated pilots for testing renewable energies and new energies technology. 

He is believed to be one of the influencers and visionary leaders of the European energy ecosystem. 

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About marcel

An international manager for over 30 years, Marcel’s expertise includes chemicals, coatings, enamels, filtration products, healthcare and industrial textiles. 


With earlier executive and non-executive positions in international companies, private and public, Marcel’s board memberships today include the advisory board of Newton (UK) and the supervisory board of Antea Participaties.

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Arjen van Blokland


Mel Kroon

New Energies & Mobility

Marcel Zegger

Chemicals & Healthcare

About paul

As our industry expert in entertainment, E- commerce and Content Marketing, Paul brings the experience of more than 40 years leadership as a senior professional in entertainment, content marketing, education and communication industry.


His senior international management positions include KLM and VNU. With in-depth knowledge of and passion for digital development in business and educational contexts, he has launched various entertainment brands.


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Paul Zonderland

Entertainment / e-commerce/ content marketing

About Hans

Steeped in his multi-decade experience in marketing, sales and management at Sara Lee, an international FMCG organisation, with some 70 successful transactions in Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia, Hans now steers our work in the fast-moving consumer goods and retail sector.


He holds several board positions and is a director advisor to several listed and non-listed companies.

Hans Damen


About Hans

For 36 years, Hans has been a turnaround executive for private, publicly listed and private equity-owned companies in Europe and the USA. In all, he has led some 20 M&A transactions – two worth more than $1.6 billion.


Until the Millennium, he held senior posts at Reed Elsevier, most recently as CEO of LexisNexis. 

Now Boston- based, he chairs AXIO Data Group Ltd. and is non-executive director of Wingu, Retirementjobs.com and intelligize.com.

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Hans Gieskes

Content / Data / Services

About Hein

Hein van der Zeeuw has over 30 years of expertise in the electronic components and semiconductors industry. He was member of the Board of Management at NXP Semiconductors and Executive Vice President at Philips. He lived for several years in the USA, and was based for a number of years in Germany working in the solar industry. Since 2012 he is active as a company advisor and he has held various boardpositions in the high tech industry and healthcare

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Hein van der Zeeuw


Walter van Damme.jpg
AbouT Walter

Through extensive hands-on experience in multiple industries over the last 24 years, Walter van Damme has developed comprehensive knowledge and understanding of various aspects of investment and asset management. Starting as a lawyer at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, Walter co-founded First Dutch Capital and worked for over ten years for an international investment conglomerate as an executive board member and subsequently as CEO of their China operations.

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Gali Naveh-Stern.jpg

A deal-maker with over 20 years of experience in Private Equity, business development, and M&A. Her well-diversified practice, combined with an extensive network and international reach proves a perfect fit for IMPROVED Corporate Finance. Gali held senior positions at Kardan N.V. and the Markstone PE fund. Before that, she worked as an M&A lawyer at Caspi & Co for nine years. As Founder and Managing director of GNS Capital, Gali is active in business development, M&A and capital raising advisory. 

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5portrait format.jpg
AbouT Jelle

With over 10 years of experience in the E-Mobility & Energy Transition domain - gained through senior and advisory positions at Tesla, Lyft, Better Place, VanMoof and Softbank Energy - Jelle has a clear vision on an accelerated shift to a future of integrated electric mobility and sustainable energy, and has a deep track record of operational and technical expertise with companies on the frontier of innovation. 

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As  former Head of Bain & Company’s global and highly reputable automotive practice, and with numerous investments and board positions in industry-leading E-Mobility companies, Gregor is recognised as a true expert in the space.


He has over 27 years of experience in the (E-) Mobility sector with a focus on corporate M&A and strategy for Blue-Chip Car OEM, Tier-1 supplier and Automotive stakeholders in Europe, North America, China, India and Japan.

Walter van Damme

Deal-making / Asia / Legal

Gali Naveh-Stern

Deal-making / Israel

Jelle Vastert

E-Mobility & Energy Transition

Gregor Matthies

E-Mobility & Energy Transition