O U R   T E A M   I S   Y O U R   T E A M

Your customised team will be built from members of our team, a blend of seasoned M&A and sector specialists. Around your core team, we will enhance the team with our industry experts (associated partners) to fulfil your special needs, but always in close consultation with you.


Frank Verbeek

Managing Partner

Robert Wilhelm


3Sherief portrait format.jpg

Sherief Rahim


Manus Weber


Bas Hendriks

Senior Associate

Marlon Brand

Senior Associate

Michael Wilhelm

Senior Analyst

Thomas Smal

Senior Analyst

Luuk portrait format.jpg
1vincent portrait format.jpg
kevin portret format.jpg

Nicolas Magnus

Senior Analyst

Luuk Hulzebos

Vincent Verellen


Kevin Lechner



A S S O C I A T E   P A R T N E R S

Arjen van Blokland


Mel Kroon

New Energies & Mobility

Marcel Zegger

Chemicals & Healthcare

Paul Zonderland

Entertainment / e-commerce/ content marketing

Hans Damen


Hans Gieskes

Content / Data / Services

Hein van der Zeeuw


Walter van Damme.jpg

Walter van Damme

Deal-making / Asia / Legal

Gali Naveh-Stern.jpg
5portrait format.jpg

Gali Naveh-Stern

Deal-making / Israel

Jelle Vastert

E-Mobility & Energy Transition

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